Canine sperm shipping containers

Canine sperm shipping containers

Secure Frozen Semen Shipping Container Against Accidental Opening.

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Suggestions for Shipping Canine Semen Since the Sept attack on the United States, dog breeders have been faced with not being able to ship boxes. Products 1 - 13 of 13 - EquiSaver Cooled Semen Shipper. Outperforms the Competition Optimum Cooling Rate Costs Less to Ship High-Tech ControliQ Technology Environmentally Friendly Incudes Syringes w/caps EquiSure Cooled Semen Shipper.

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Breeder's Choice: Frozen Semen Tanks - PHANTOM Supplies Flooring AVs Semen Extender Laboratory Equipment Cooled Semen Shipping Containers. For those who prefer a reusable transport system, our Equitainer system may also be The Rover is the least expensive shipper for cooled canine semen on the 1 Disposable Rover Container (outer box and styrofoam interior and cover).

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Shipping cooled semen makes breeding dogs in different places easier than ever! Kit includes collection kit, extender, temperature controlled packaging. Now there is FRESH COOLED CANINE SEMEN and it's nothing like anything and only container, specifically engineered, designed, and tested for shipping.

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Safely chill and overnight ship your male dogs' semen samples using our Chilled AI Put the prepared sample tube/tubes into the styrofoam shipping container. If your looking for a storage container to store you semen, there is 2 factors that you need to check into. How often are you willing to have someone come and.

Come canine sperm shipping containers

Cryopreserved dog sperm is mostly transported in a dry-shipper container. The rules and legislation for the shipment of chilled and frozen dog semen are rather. czech canine semen bank. Moreover, its weight is lower than that of common shipping containers with liquid nitrogen. However, there is a higher risk of its.

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There are relatively few companies in the USA that sell semen extenders and shipping containers specifically for use in dog breeding. Thus, their expense has. Canine Semen Shipping Tube. 1 FRESH EXPRESS. ®. Canine Insemination Syringe. 1 Eight-inch insemination pipette. 1 Twelve-inch insemination pipette.

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Where can I get more information concerning Zoetis Canine Reproductive Services? Is there a protocol for extending fresh chilled semen for longer storage? May 21, - semen breedings with a focus on the stud dog as part of CHF's It is much easier to ship the semen than transport the female. . packaging.