Sexual vaginal discharge

Sexual vaginal discharge

Oct 24, - The physiology of sexual arousal in the human female: a Vaginal discharge, cervical fluid, and arousal fluid: are they all the same thing?

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Normal vaginal discharge is clear, white, or off-white. A typical reproductive-age woman produces grams (half to one teaspoon) of vaginal discharge every day. During sexual arousal and sexual intercourse, the amount of fluid in the vagina increases due to engorgement of blood vessels surrounding the vagina.‎Normal discharge · ‎Menopause · ‎Abnormal discharge · ‎Vaginal yeast infection. Nov 23, - Cervical fluid, vaginal discharge, arousal fluid – are they all the same An orgasm is an intense release of the sexual heightening from the.

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Jump to During sex - There are several things that can cause vaginal discharge after sex. Some of these include: natural female lubrication; female ‎Before period · ‎After ovulation. Jun 22, - In this article, we provide a color-coded guide to vaginal discharge. Discharge can be pink after sexual intercourse if the sex has caused ‎What is vaginal discharge? · ‎Red · ‎Yellow-green · ‎Pink.

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Sep 3, - Irritation can cause a pink, red, or brown discharge if the cervix or vaginal canal has bled slightly. Having sexual intercourse or placing an. From time to time, women may notice the secretion of vaginal fluids. Some fluids are perfectly normal, but others may be sign of infection.

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Aug 15, - If you were trying to get pregnant, seeing this thick white discharge may indicate to you that it's time to have sexual intercourse. Mar 18, - Sexual Health · Reproductive Health Issues · Vaginal Health. The Difference Between Normal and Abnormal Vaginal Discharge.

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Vaginal discharge is a common presenting symptom seen by doctors in many services (primary care, gynaecology, family planning, and departments of. Apr 30, - At 16 or any age, it's normal for the amount of vaginal discharge you have to so even if you haven't had vaginal sex you can still get an STD.